9 Styling Dos and Don’ts for the Contemporary Plus Size Girl

Like many plus-size women, you might have concerns regarding your body and style. Sadly, the fashion world is about petite women, but things are gradually changing. Today, we have numerous brands and websites for plus-size clothing and accessories, and it is rather easy to shop. Instead of hiding the extra pounds, you should be more concerned about dressing right. In this post, we have nine tips for women on the plus side.1. Don’t shop for trends blindly. Many girls pick up stuff from online stores and top brands because the idea was trending on the runway. It is more important to understand your body shape and size. Try to find styles that flatter the curves.2. Don’t shop for black. There is no denying that black makes you look leaner, but there are so many other fresh colors and prints worth trying. Look for blues and greens, and in terms of prints, look for polka dots and vertical styles.3. Don’t shy away from experimenting. Fashion is all about trying new things, and you should take a shot at the new ideas. Apart from options in casual dressing, you should also look for formal clothes with a difference.4. Don’t stick to rules. There are no hard and fast rules of styling. One can create new looks by breaking the myths. If you have been wearing skirts for summer, try a few jumpsuits for a change. While inspiration is always welcome, it is best to create a personal style.5. Don’t skip bright colors. Shopping for plus size clothing can be confusing because a lot of brands don’t stock bright shades. Pop colors are in vogue, and you don’t need to skip the idea for your size. Instead, the focus should be on the fit of the particular suit/dress.6. Don’t wear the wrong size. Most women end up buying baggy clothes, often hoping to look leaner. With baggy and misfit clothes, you will only look messier. If you are shopping online, order two different sizes to find the right one. It is important to flaunt the curves in the right way.7. Don’t miss trying on heels. High heels and stilettos can create an illusion of height, making you appear longer. Heels also have a thinning effect on the legs, which allows women to try skirts and smaller dresses. Look for slender heels instead of wedges!8. Don’t forget accessories. Even if you don’t have the best of clothes, you can always jazz up the look with accessories. From statement neckpieces to dangle earrings, there are a whole lot of options. Styling with accessories doesn’t have to be expensive, with many options available online.9. Don’t shop for cheap undergarments. A great dress will only look appealing when you wear the right lingerie underneath. Invest in some quality shapewear and bras to get the right fit, and if you have fat around the middle section, you can try tummy-tucking panties.Start shopping now and save more!

Where Do You Buy Vera Bradley Handbags and Accessories?

Vera Bradley handbags are everywhere these days. So it seems that no matter where we look these days, we will either see a Starbucks that was not there a few seconds before OR we will see the latest and greatest  purse dangling delightfully from someone’s side. For a company that was started in the late ’80’s, this company has been on fire the past few years. Although there are still a few pockets of society that have never heard of the brand, those pockets are getting significantly smaller as those cute little patterns make their little march across the United States.But although they are a popular brand, it is often difficult to find places that sell Vera Bradley purses and accessories. I mean, you can’t just waltz on down to Walmart and peruse it’s miles of aisles and just pick up anything, contrary to common belief. This is a specialty item. There are a few small knick-knack shops around me that sell them, but even then there is some kind of law that demands two stores selling them be not within a certain distance of each other. How is that supposed to help sales, you ask? Good question. Although, perhaps it just drives up the madness and spurs on the craze that has filled women’s closets with unused purses as of late.So what if there is no Vera Bradley store near you? Or what if the dealer has such a small selection it makes you wonder if you are walking into Best Buy at 5pm on Black Friday. Sure they are selling something, but it sure isn’t much.Well, one solution is to buy Vera Bradley products online. More and more are selling these purses online as they see the great “need” and perhaps think it’s their duty as a citizen of this nation to spread the love and prevent rioting in the streets. Some stores have a huge selection, ranging from handbags and purses, to umbrellas, scarfs, pens, stationary, clothes, shoes, towels, hats, and just anything that you can possible imagine. I think I even saw some tennis raquet covers on there.Now I know that even at the optical places you can buy their prescription glasses. You will pay a hefty price, but apparently it’s a price many are willing to pay to have the very chicest of chic.I have found that for those that truly love Vera Bradley, there really are no limitations on the lengths they are willing to go to get that perfect little tote that goes perfectly with their scarf and flip flips, wallet and who knows maybe even their knee brace. A knee brace that probably got there as a result of diving after a  Tic Tac Tote in the middle of the store. Which is similar to entering the “Running of the Bulls’.  How long this phenomenon will last is anybody’s guess, but it looks like it’s here to stay so you might as well jump on board and enjoy the ride.